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Practice Areas

David  A. Keightly, Sr. will use the knowledge, experience, and contacts he has developed since he became a lawyer in 1984 for your benefit. As a Prosecutor, District Judge, Defense Attorney, and General Practitioner, Mr. Keightly has handled thousands of cases in his career. 

Here is a partial list of the kinds of civil and criminal matters we handle:

Civil Matters



The dissolving of the legal bond that exists between a married couple. Divorces can have a dramatic range in the degree of difficulty for each party merely signing a few legal documents, which will be filed with the court, to a multiple year battle where parties fight bitterly about all the details of the dissolution. A divorce can take a bitter toll on the individuals involved and Mr. Keightly has the expertise and knowledge to handle these matters as best as possible. 

Protection from Abuse Orders


A document signed by a judge that orders the abuser to stop the abuse or face serious legal consequences. It offers civil legal protection from domestic violence for both female and male victims. Mr. Keightly has a great deal of experience in P.F.As. He may be the only lawyer in Montgomery County who has litigated these issues from a prosecution, plaintiff, defense, and judicial point of view. His success in handling these matters is superb.

Criminal Matters



DUI is probably the most common crime in Pennsylvania and other jurisdictions. Mr. Keightly has tried many cases as a prosecutor. In his capacity of District Judge, he presided over thousands of such cases. More recently, he has served as a defense attorney in these cases. With 25 years of experience dealing with DUI cases on a near daily basis, Mr. Keightly is among the most knowledgeable attorneys in this field.



It is always advisable for someone to prepare a Will. This is particularly important to specify how their children are to be provided for after their death, and for the family for whom extra care is desired. 

Driving Related Problems


Suspension of licenses, speeding citations, and other moving violations can all create short and long-term problems for you. They can interfere with your job, car insurance, and more.  Mr. Keightly can help you avoid points and help get your license restored. 

Estate Administration


Mr. Keightly can help you work your way through the difficult labyrinth of details that must be handled in administering a loved one’s estate.



This involves the determination of where the children will spend their time. The fundamental question is "what is in the best interest of the children?" To a greater extent than ever the practical logistics of the case, such as where the children go to school and how they get there, have taken on great importance in the Courts. It will always be preferable for the parties to work out an arrangement which is best for their children, but this is not always possible to do so.



Mr. Keightly was on the Drug Prosecution Task Force as a Prosecutor in the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office, and has since seen many hundreds of drug cases, both as a District Judge and Defense Attorney. His experience in these matters will help him to effectively represent you. 

Corporation and Partnerships

Mr. Keightly has had the honor of representing several small but very successful companies in the North Penn Area. He has represented corporations and partnerships in litigation, mediation, start ups, contract review, and consulting. Mr. Keightly can help you protect yourself from contract disputes and insurance claim disputes. We hope you will call upon Mr. Keightly to help protect your company.



In nearly all cases, the amount of spousal and child support is based on an analysis of the income of the parties. Sometimes this is simple, such as when both parties have W-2 income. Other times it is much more difficult, when one party or the other runs their own business or is not working up to their earning capacity.

Property Division

This is formally known as “Equitable Distribution.” The parties must identify all of their assets which were obtained from the date of marriage until the date of separation, value them, and then decide how to split them. Most often, the parties need the assistance of lawyers and the Court to navigate their way through this difficult process. 



Mr. Keightly prosecuted a wide range of assault cases (from domestic cases where spouses or mates assaulted one another, to brutal stabbings at Graterford Prison). He has a wide range of knowledge of these types of cases. 


Felonies is a huge subcategory which can range from a serious assault to a forgery ring. Mr. Keightly has experience in dealing with a vast range of felony cases. 






Mr. Keightly successfully prosecuted three different homicide cases while serving as Assistant District Attorney. It may go without saying that these kinds of cases are the most difficult and most stressful. The experience of dealing with these gives a lawyer the confidence to deal with virtually every situation he or she will encounter for the rest of their career.




Additional Matters

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