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Client Forms

We want to make things as easy as possible for you as we work together on your case. The following forms are for your use while working together.


Please note: these forms are not to be reproduced without permission. 

New Client Info Sheet

Please complete this form at your convenience. It will help us gather the necessary information to get your case started. 

PA Vital Statistics Form

This form is required in the Divorce process. Please complete and return to us at your convenience.

Incident Notes

Please use this form throughout your case to help you keep track of important events. The more you keep record of, the better we can assist you in your case.

Divorce Process

Every divorce case is different; however, the same basic concepts and rules apply.  This overview and visual will help guide you through the process.

Property Distribution Process

Property Distribution, formally Equitable Distribution, can be complicated and overwhelming. We provide you with this overview, checklist, and form to help keep you organized and less stressed.

16 Factors for Awarding Custody

PA uses these 16 factors as their guidelines for awarding custody. Remember - it's always about what is in the BEST INTEREST for the child(ren).

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